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About me

Based in Doncaster UK.


The Mr Resin Blanks name was born from a joke but the business is now far from that.

We cast our own blanks in all types of resin and have worked through many different formulas before settling on what we believe to be the best.


Our range started with the Eddy blanks. The name came from swirling water currents which are simialr to the swirls of colour in the blanks. It is also name of one of our dogs so worked in more than one way.

The range soon grew to incorporate other styles of blanks and even hybrid and cholla blanks.


We now host some artisan blanks on the page with the Fruits of Forest and are always looking at increasing the range we have to offer.


Coming soon will be a range of specialist wooden blanks hopefully.


One of our biggest achievements was being able to cast images in clear resin. This has proven very popular with many customers sending us their images to be cast on tubes of their choice.


We also now offer a range of resin saver moulds for people who wish to cast their own blanks. Our moulds are designed in such a way that they will allow for many differing kits to be used with just one mould, reducing the amount of moulds you may require.

Resin Types :

Polyester resin -

mainly used for our Eddy range of blanks. Can be brittle and needs very sharp tools. Drill and Turn at high speed and it can give some stunning results once sanded and polished up.

Polyurethane resin -

Softer that the polyester and oftten gives more ribbons when turning. Still polishes up well and gives a high shine finish.

Epoxy resin -

mainly used for our clear casting applications such as the custom image blanks. Turns simialr to the polyurethane with plenty of ribbons and sands and polishes to high shine.


Recently we have moved over to Alumilite resin for most of our casting applications.